Precious metals online trading platform and deferred spot delivery services

In November 2015, the Group acquired 63% equity interest in 青島國金貴金屬交易中心股份有限公司 (Qingdao Guojin Precious Metal Exchange Centre Company Limited) (“Qingdao Guojin”) and became the largest shareholder of Qingdao Guojin.

Qingdao Guojin is a company incorporated in Qingdao in June 2011 with approval from the Qingdao Municipal Government, and an exchange examined and approved unanimously on the Inter-ministerial Joint Conference for Rectification of All Kinds of Trading Venues (清理整頓各類交易場所部際聯席會議) in 2012. It was recognised as one of the 26 spot exchanges in 2013 pursuant to document Qing Zheng Ban Zi [2013] No.49.

Qingdao Guojin is principally engaged in the provision of online trading platform and deferred spot delivery services of precious metals, mainly consist of silver and copper, nonferrous metals and other valuable commodities, and related services including transaction settlement management, commodity delivery management and related consulting services.

The established online platform and extensive customer network of Qingdao Guojin will enable the Group to explore and develop additional products for trading on such platform and complement other businesses of the Group by diversifying our business portfolio in order to achieve a mutually benefitting and "all-parties-winning" situation.

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