Coking coal trading

The Group tapped into coking coal trading business since the second half of 2013 following its obtaining a foothold in the coking coal trading market through the trust of suppliers and carriers in Mongolia.

For the time being, the Group aims to fortify the foundation of the business and explore and expand its portfolio of quality coal-related assets to establish a comprehensive coal supply-chain from Mongolia to China.

The Group aspires to become a conglomerate in world natural resources and energy sector. Starting from coking coal trading, we strive to build a complete and comprehensive coal industry supply chain, with a view to optimising the utilisation of the coal resource network.

The Group is currently working with experts to assess and select suitable targets of acquisition so as to enhance its asset portfolio. Under our radar include quality natural resource and energy projects with enormous potential in China and around the globe, focusing particularly on new energy. The Group will leverage on the specialised knowledge and expansive business network of the management team to pursue energy-related projects with development values in Asia and worldwide.